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I nostri Cocktails

€ 6

Vodka, lime, edelflower, gingerbeer

Collins Dana
€ 6

Gin, Apple syrup, lime, ginger ale, bitter

Max & co.
€ 8

Mezcal, agave syrup, lime, ginger beer

Elvis in The pelvis
€ 8

Cachaca, passion fruit, lime

€ 8

Tequila, lime juice, top pink grapefruit

Martini passion fruit
€ 8

Vodka, passoa, passion fruit juice, sugar syrup

Laura in The storm
€ 6

Rum, lime, ginger beer

Champagne cocktail
€ 10

Zucchero, angostura, cointreau, top champagne

Big apple
€ 8

Vodka, liquore alla mela, succo alla mela, Franciacorta

€ 8

Gin, saint Germain, sweet and sour, top ginger ale

Sparkling cosmo
€ 8

Vodka, cointreau, cramberry, top franciacorta

White bubbles
€ 8

Gin, triple sec, sweet and sour, top franciacorta

Spritz Aperol

Aperol, prosecco, acqua frizzante

Spritz Campari

Campari, prosecco, acqua frizzante

Spritz Bianco

Vino bianco, acqua frizzante


Sciroppo di sambuco, prosecco, acqua frizzante


Campari ,Martini Rosso, Gin


Campari, Martini rosso, acqua frizzante


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm

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